We’ve long heard that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease, incidents of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. What is the Mediterranean diet? It’s a plant-based diet where olive oil replaces butter, spices and herbs replace salt, and red wine is encouraged as is enjoying meals with family and friends. It includes many familiar edibles and some less familiar ones too, but all are delicious and easy to grow.

In this presentation, Nan will talk about growing and cooking Mediterranean favorites such as garbanzo beans, fava beans, pomegranate, eggplant, cilantro, tomato, peppers, oregano, bay, artichokes, saffron, rosemary, and more. We’ll discuss the differences between olive oils, as well as why some kinds of olive oils are best for cooking and others for enjoying fresh. Nan will talk about common Mediterranean spices, how to cook with each of these edibles and share many of her favorite Mediterranean recipes, too.