New garden trends still originate in old England! Even in that historic region, resources are becoming more precious. Private gardens and public gardens like Sissinghurst, Great Dixter, RSH Wisley, and Hidcote are among those refocusing on stewardship, far beyond sustainability. They integrate wildflowers and grasses into formal gardens as an acknowledgment that attracting beneficials is as important as beauty. Habitat borders alongside edible gardens attract pollinators to ensure fruit production. Traditional perennial borders now serve double duty – both as beautiful spaces for people to enjoy as well as places for birds and other animals to find food and shelter. They promote home gardens that survive on rainfall in order to conserve precious potable water, and they plant trees to ensure that centuries old forests are sustained for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations – human and otherwise.

Feeding people, feeding animals, using resources wisely while maintaining the beauty, history and legacy of English gardening are elements of a new English stewardship beyond sustainability and lessons for us all.