Presentations for Professional Audiences

California Dreamin’: What your Garden Business Needs to Know to Sell to the California Market

California’s garden market is huge, but it can also be confusing. California’s climate, seasons, soils, plants and gardening needs are very different from the rest of the country. California native, garden writer, designer and author Nan Sterman describes how people garden in California as compared to the rest of the country. She talks about the challenges California gardener’s face and how those challenges translate to opportunities for businesses. She also talks about ways to adapt products and services to meet California’s enormous garden market.

Edible Landscapes for Pros

Edibles are on everyone’s radar but they can be a challenge for professional landscape designers and landscape contractors to include in landscapes. Which are attractive enough to use as landscape elements? What is the best way to use them? How do we factor in our clients’ needs and preferences? These issues come up in terms of edible landscape plants. When it comes to vegetable gardens, though, there is an entirely different set of considerations, all of which are gaining importance as clients ask for gardens to feed their families.

Low-Water Landscapes – Commercial and HOA

As our resources dwindle and people become more aware of how little time, money, and resources low-water landscapes require, more and more commercial property owners, agencies, and HOAs are interested in making that conversion. Ready to respond?

This talk presents three beautiful, well done, low-water landscapes – two commercial and one large scale residential. Participants hear about the designers’ intent, the installers challenges, and the maintenance companies’ methods of handling these properties successfully, skillfully, and beautifully.

1-hour PowerPoint Presentation

Waterwise Plants for Pros

The public’s demand for beautiful, easy care, low water plants is absolutely exploding. For professionals, keeping up with the demand can be challenging. This talk presents a large, but not overwhelming plant palette customized to meet these criteria. Nan covers how to use these plants in the landscape, what to combine them with, their culture, and their care.