Hands-On Workshops - Home Gardeners

Container Gardening How-To Workshop

Not everyone has room for an entire garden but everyone has room for a container garden.

Container gardens are just like gardens in the ground, just smaller. They have exactly the same requirements – light, water, and soil. In this demonstration, Nan discusses the best uses for different types of containers and how to match plants to pots and pots to plants. She’ll demonstrate container-planting methods, how to combine plants, how to find the right spot for container gardens, and so on. She’ll share some of her best tips for making container gardens instant successes. Focus can be on edibles or ornamentals, depending on the audience.

Workshops generally run two hours.

From Sticks to Stems: Propagate Plants from Cuttings Workshop

Starting new plants from cuttings is truly amazing. Lop off a branch, stick it into some potting soil and soon its an entire plant! And truthfully, it is almost that easy after participants know some of the tricks that propagators use. Once they see and understand the process, they can propagate almost anything, from the shrubs coveted in a neighbor’s garden to that new perennial on sale at the nursery (though not if it is a patented variety).

This demonstration covers some of the basics making and potting cuttings, how to care for them, and how to transplant them once they are ready to go!

Workshops generally run two hours.

Garden Transformation Workshop: Create Your Own Waterwise Eden (Three Sessions)

Transforming a garden from lawn (or weeds) to waterwise takes some planning, some knowledge, and some trial and error. Whether you do it yourself, or work with a professional, it’s hard to know where to start and what to do. This three-part series empowers participants by providing the basics to choose either direction.

Session one focuses on lawn removal (see “Bye-Bye Grass” below).   The second session kicks off with a virtual tour of beautiful, low water and sustainable landscapes. We keep those inspiring images in mind as we discuss planning the new garden: ways to use the space, soils, irrigation and hardscape, structures, the process of design and construction, etc.

In the final session, we turn our attention to the low water plants, both edible and ornamental, design concepts and long term care.

Workshops generally run two hours.

Plant a Pot of Tea Workshop

If your image of making tea starts with a white paper mesh bags filled with mysterious dried leaves, this workshop will blow your mind. Green, black, and white teas are all versions of dried and cured leaves of Camellia sinensis, which are a little too thirsty for San Diego gardens. But that’s not the case for herb teas. Our climate is great for growing lemon verbena, mint, cardamom, pineapple sage, lavender, hyssop, and many more herbs you can use to blend your very own teas, dried or fresh. In this hands-on workshop, Nan Sterman demonstrates a host of herbs that are super easy in a pot or in the ground and all of which make great teas. Get ready to get dirty while you plant a pot of tea.

Workshops generally run two hours.

Plant it Hot or Plant it Spicy Workshop

Do you like hot or do you like spicy? Either way, it’s easy to grow the herbs you like to use in your favorite recipes. Homegrown herbs taste totally different from the dry herbs sold in the market. In this hands-on workshop, Nan Sterman introduces you to a host of fresh familiar and specialty herbs, from bay to oregano, myrtle to lavender. You’ll plant your own pots too, one hot, one spicy, to take home and grow in your garden.  If you love to cook and you like to garden, this workshop is made for you. In fact, once you go fresh, you might never go back.

Workshops generally run two hours.

Sprout! Start your Vegetable Garden from Seeds Workshop

Seeds are magical little things – pieces of dried out “wood” that, when watered, suddenly come alive to make tall redwoods, bright red poppies, even delicious tomatoes and eggplant. Starting from seed allows gardeners to try varieties of plants seldom seen in the nursery – especially herbs and vegetables.

This presentation covers everything a hoping-for-green-thumb needs to raise a summer full of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including seed starting secrets Nan’s developed from years of starting her own garden from seed and testing seeds for Organic Gardening Magazine.

In the hands-on workshop, participants take home hundreds of dollars worth of seeded plants that will produce several hundred dollars more worth of vegetables. They also gain the knowledge to produce that same value every year.

Workshops generally run two hours.