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A Growing Passion TV Show

A Growing Passion is an award-winning TV and online garden lifestyle program featuring one of the West’s leading garden experts, Nan Sterman. The show explores the ways California and the Southwest grow, and gives its viewers a fresh perspective by visiting farms, backyard gardens, vineyards, native habitats to green rooftops, community gardens, nurseries, and beyond.

Podcasts & Radio

Let's Talk About Gardening

Since the early 1990s, I’ve been the “Garden Guru” for KPBS radio’s talk show Midday Edition and it’s predecessor, These Days.

Nan has been a guest on many other the radio programs such as Garden AmericaEd Hume Weekend Gardening Radio Show, and Get Growing with Farmer Fred.

Why Gardening Is Good for the Soul and the Planet

Whether you’re a new or seasoned gardener, a houseplant fanatic or just someone who wants to grow basil on your windowsill, our guest this week has wisdom to share. More here.

How to Be a Better Gardener

The years roll on for many of us in the garden and we seem…not to improve? Nan Sterman shares her best tips for getting MUCH better as a gardener, much faster. More here.

Waterwise Gardening With Nan Sterman

This week, I take a look back at a conversation on conservation – with Nan Sterman, co-author of Water-wise Plants for the Southwest and expert on waterwise gardening. More here.

Universal Lessons from a Gardening Expert

Lifelong gardener Nan Sterman has lived many lives as a scientist, an instructional designer, and a journalist with bylines in Sunset and the Los Angeles Times, among many others. More here.

Hot Color, Dry Garden with Nan Sterman

Nan shares her best design tips and ideas for a colorful low-water garden. Nan is also a passionate vegetable gardener, so we talk about her hoop house that protects her garden beds from critters. You’ll hear ideas for your own garden in this podcast as well. More here.


Nan Sterman contributes to print publications and websites regionally, across the United States, and abroad as well.

Want Nan to write for you? Contact her today! 

Nan in the News

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