When you hand me a microphone, I shift into story telling mode ...

Talks, Demonstrations, & Workshops

Immediate Takeaways for Everyone

When I have potting soil and tools, I show people how to build new gardens, start seeds, plant succulents, or grow food.

In every presentation, I share information about how plants grow and other bits of science that empower participants and help them problem-solve in their own gardens.

Whether the audience is novice or professional, everyone goes home having learned something new and valuable – and wearing a big smile, too.

Nan Sterman


  • Home Gardeners

    • Garden Clubs and Horticultural Societies
    • Master Gardeners
    • Flower and Garden Shows
    • Community Organizations
  • Professionals

    • Botanic gardens
    • Nurseries
    • Landscape Designers
    • Landscape Architects
    • Landscape Contractors
    • Professional Organizations
    • Government Agencies

Please download my current catalogue of presentations. If you have different topic or a different audience in mind, let’s talk about it!

See Nan’s Talks for Home Gardeners

From waterwise gardening to incredible edibles, Nan offers talks tailored to home gardeners in low rainfall regions. Learn everything from growing fruits and vegetables on a low water budget to creating beautiful, color-filled, drought tolerant gardens.

See Nan’s Talks for Hands-On Workshops

Experience the joy of starting a productive vegetable garden from seed, the pleasure of assembling a gorgeous container garden. Learn to make new plants from cuttings, and how to grow your own cup of tea. You might want to dive right into a full garden transformation!

See Nan’s Demonstrations FOR Home Gardeners

Expand our palette with plants native to Mexico, California, the Mediterranean basin, Australia, South Africa and more! Short on time? Try a five minute garden design. Live in a dry climate? Discover the cool tools for saving water in your garden.