Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Special Projects For Special Clients

Every individual and organization has their own special needs

I enjoy the process of uncovering those needs, researching the best way to meet the needs, designing the solution, then making the magic happen.

Sometimes it takes a tweak or two to get it right - but that’s part of the magic!

Examples of past consulting projects include:

  • Developing speaker programs for special events
  • Devising plant palettes for homes, HOAs, parks, commercial properties, schools, botanical gardens, etc.
  • Promoting cient products and projects
  • Developing training programs for diverse audiences
  • Designing curricula for children and adults, for classrooms, online, and informal learning settings
  • Writing signage and interpretive displays for museums, zoos, aquaria, and botanical gardens
  • Leading hands-on workshops
  • Designing and leading domestic and international garden tours
  • Writing books, magazine/newspaper, and blog content; writing reports, video scripts, pamphlets, brochures, and other materials for print and digital.

What's your need?  Let's talk.