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GardenWise Monthly Garden Guide

Garden with confidence. Learn exactly what to do in your Southern California garden each month and discover new plants you're sure to love.

Meet GardenWise

Say goodbye to guessing in your garden each month.

GardenWise is a monthly gardening guide designed to help you grow the garden of your dreams, specifically designed for Southern California.

Each month, I’ll send you:

  • Monthly Garden Tasks: A detailed menu of what to do in your garden each month—what to plant, prune, or fertilize, how to control pests, when to harvest, and so much more. 
  • “Plant of the Month”: Discover a new plant each month that’s perfectly suited to your garden. I tell you how to grow it, what to combine it with, and how to help it thrive in your garden. 

Gardening in Southern California is different than gardening anywhere else. I’ve spent decades researching and testing the best gardening practices for our region. Now, I share that information with people just like you, so you too can grow a beautiful, thriving, productive SoCal garden.

Subscription Plans

Root Plan

$ 12.00

Per Month
  • Plant of the Month
  • Monthly Garden Tasks
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Stem Plan

$ 66.00

Every 6 Months
  • Plant of the Month
  • Monthly Garden Tasks
  • You save 2 weeks worth of cost
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Flower PlanBest Value

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Per Year
  • Plant of the Month
  • Monthly Garden Tasks
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Hi, I'm Nan Sterman

I’m a botanist, horticulturist, garden designer, expert educator, and so much more. I’ve dedicated my life to teaching Southern Californians  just like you how to be successful gardeners.

People ask me all kinds of questions about gardening…

How do I grow vegetables to feed my family?

How can I have a lush garden without a lot of irrigation?

What’s low maintenance, low water, and looks beautiful all year?

Search the web and you get all kinds of conflicting information and advice that simply doesn’t work, especially in Southern California’s unique gardening climate.

That’s why I developed GardenWise. Take the guesswork out of gardening! Now, there’s GardenWise.


The GardenWise Monthly Garden Guide includes two specially curated resources delivered directly to your email inbox early in each month:
  • A carefully crafted menu of what to do in your garden that month. Each month includes what to plant, how to care for your plants, tips on irrigation, pruning, harvesting, dealing with common pests, design ideas, planning concepts, and more.
  • A “Plant of the Month” that spotlights a beautiful plant or group of plants perfect for your garden. There is a description and photos of the plants, directions for how to plant, when to plant, their value in the garden, etc.
  • Every bit of content you receive is customized specifically for Southern California gardens.
    The content addresses a wide range of plants and gardens, from vegetables to fruit trees, and a huge range of drought tolerant plants including succulents to flowering shrubs, trees, herbs, California natives. The focus is on plants most suited and sustainable in our gardens.. That’s just the short list, there’s a whole lot more!
    You’ll receive a downloadable pdf, delivered directly to your email inbox.
    You should receive it in the first week of each month.
    There are three payment plans, each of which renew automatically
  • Monthly
  • Every six months
  • Every year
  • To start or update your subscription, please follow this link
    Delivery stops at the end of your payment period, so if you pay monthly, your account cancels at the end of that month. If you pay every six months, your subscription ends at the end of that six month period. If you pay once a year, your subscription ends at the end of your year payment period.
    Log in to the portal with your email address and a one-time passcode. There you can manage subscription, billing, and invoicing.
    Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds.
    When you sign up, enter the name and email address of your gift recipient. Send a note to to let us know about the gift and we’ll email a special welcome notice to that person.
    Subscriptions are like prescriptions - they are for just one person and not to be shared with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. If you are interested in a custom subscription for your company, organization, or clients, please email your request to
    Please send an email to and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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