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From Sticks to Stems

Years ago, a neighbor introduced herself to me as “the plant pincher.” I must have looked surprised because she explained that whenever she saw a plant she liked, she pinched a piece and took it home to try to root it. And, she continued, would I mind if she pinched some of my plants.

She assumed I was surprised to hear that plants could be rooted from pieces. On the contrary, I was surprised to learn I wasn’t the only plant pincher in the neighborhood!

My friend pinched because her budget was limited and her property large. I pinch hard-to-find plants in friends’ gardens (with their permission of course).

Rooting plants from cuttings is surprisingly straightforward. Not everything is easy to start, but once you understand the basics, try your hand at anything.

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Fig tree cutting six months after rooting in potting soil

Fig tree cutting six months after rooting in potting soil

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  • Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a plant pincher too, but under cover of darkness usually.

    Glad you’re actively blogging now. I enjoy every word!

    Love (and you look SO GREAT in my presentation of The Artist in the Garden-The Garden in the Artist. The quote was pruned a bit by Jeff and all looks good.


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