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Heavenly Gardens to Share

By January 22, 2011May 10th, 2022No Comments

Finally!  A garden that fuses my husbands passion for star gazing with my passion for gardening.

The January 18th Astronomy Picture of the Day featured The Kona Galaxy Garden in Paleaku Peace Gardens Sanctuary in Kona, Hawaii.  The Kona Galaxy Garden is a 30 m diameter garden bed planted to depict the Milky Way.

According to the website, ” Plant rows were placed to represent arms of our Galaxy, including the Sun’s Orion Arm, the impressive Sagittarius Arm, and the little discussed Norma Arm. A small bar runs through our Galaxy’s center, while a fountain has been built to represent the central black hole. What a stellar use of space!”

What a terrible pun!

Click here to see the garden

Amazing!  I feel a trip to the big island coming on any time now….

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