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Hands-On Workshops

Garden Transformation Workshop: Create Your Own Waterwise Eden (Three sessions)

Transforming a garden from lawn (or weeds) to waterwise takes some planning, some knowledge, and some trial and error.  Whether you do it yourself, or work with a professional, it’s hard to know where to start and what to do.  This three-part series empowers participants by providing the basics to choose either direction.  

Session one focuses on lawn removal (see “Bye-Bye Grass”).   The second session kicks off with a virtual tour of beautiful, low water and sustainable landscapes.  We keep those inspiring images in mind as we discuss planning the new garden: ways to use the space, soils, irrigation and hardscape, structures, the process of design and construction, etc.  

In the final session, we turn our attention to the low water plants, both edible and ornamental, design concepts and long term care.  Participants prepare their own palette of waterwise plants and a plan of action for creating their own Waterwise Eden.

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